Oct 17, 2019

My Friend Pedro’s “Code Yellow” update drops today adding big head mode, focus control, unlocking weapons, and more

From Press Release:

My Friend Pedro, the smash hit sidescrolling shootout about friendship, pirouettes, and skull-popping kill counts, receives some free goodies today in its Code Yellow Update. The timely experts at Devolver Digital have also shot 30 percent off the game’s price tag through this weekend on PC and Steam, because free stuff is best enjoyed with cheap(er) stuff.

The Code Yellow Update gives players more tools to play with My Friend Pedro’s ridiculous universe, adding in a cinematic camera as well as options for unlimited slow mo and tweaks to character sizes – that means if you pine for the days of unfairly beating everyone as Oddjob in Goldeneye, this is your chance to wreck havoc again as a pint-sized killing machine.