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Dec 06, 2019

Minion Masters’ The Quest for Mountainshaper roguelike adventure is out now, with FREE Crystal Conquest DLC for the weekend

From Press Release:

05 December 2019 – Are you ready for the biggest adventure of this Winter? Join Milloween and her friends on an epic quest in search of the ancient artifact!

We hear you. Multiplayer is great and all, but what about those who are interested in Minion Masters’ mechanics but are not exactly too social to play with others, even via the internet. Are you one of such gamers, who cherish engaging story and playing comfortably without any rivalry? If so, we got you covered.

This Winter, one of the most requested features arrives to the intergalactic, multi-dimensional tournament. Story mode called The Quest for Mountainshaper will follow players’ favorite character – Milloween, going on an epic quest for a mystical artifact called the Mountainshaper. She will venture through the Highlands with her fellow elven friend – Leiliel Brightfeather looking for the help of the members of the Stouthearts clan. Will you help her get through the treacherous mountains and achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining the artifact?

The adventure will be divided into 3 chapters. Chapter 1 & 2 will be available on December 5th, and the first part of the story is also 100% free for all players. Chapter 3 will arrive on the 13th of December. The latter parts can be unlocked by spending 1400 rubies altogether and additionally unlock one new Master each. Across all the chapters players will also earn Power Tokens, XP, exclusive Avatars and even a Legendary Card!

But that’s not all we’ve got in store. The new story mode comes equipped with a new mechanic called Revelry, unique boss-fights, five different playable Masters and after finishing a chapter the players will also get access to more challenging hard mode.

For more information… wait a sec. You thought we were over? Not a chance! Of course, there’s a new Battle Pass coming as well! It will be purchasable for 1875 rubies with a free patch available as well. As always – progressing is done by Battle Pass XP and you will gain said XP by playing with cards with high Glory. If you buy the Battle Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

The new battle pass includes:

  • 125 tiers of rewards
  • A heap of Expansion Tokens to collect all 10 new cards
  • 8 NEW Avatars
  • 4 NEW Emotes
  • Tons of XP, Rubies, Gold, and Shards

For more information check out The Quest for Mountainshaper update page on our website.

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