Apr 08, 2022

Minion Masters receives FREE expansion “Frost Dragon’s Lair” along with Patch 1.34 today

From Press Release:

COPENHAGEN – April 8, 2022 – BetaDwarf is excited to announce that Minion Masters’ “Frost Dragon’s Lair,” the new co-op adventure expansion for the fast-paced card battler|tower defense strategy game, is now available! Players can download this major content update for free today on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with full cross-play support.

Frost Dragon’s Lair” Expansion Key Features:

  • Team Up for Co-op Adventures: Embark on a new adventure – together! Adventures are back and can be played with a friend or guildmate with full cross-play support. Build your deck as you play in this fun and rewarding rogue-like PvE experience.
  • New Playable Master: Broll, the Party Leader, joins the fray! Friend to all, Broll benefits from playing with as many different factions as possible in your deck.
  • New Ways to Play: New relics, treasures, campfire options, and other prizes. There are more options than ever to create the most synergetic, chaotic and overpowered decks!
  • New Season Pass: Earn two new cards – Adventuring Party and Rimargaal the Ice Dragon (Legendary) – in the free track of the season pass, with even more good stuff in the premium track.
  • Major Balance Patch: 20 cards have been reworked or rebalanced for improved play.

In addition, Minion Masters has released a separate new premium DLC pack on Steam and Xbox featuring a variety of cards and other bonuses. This DLC is available for $14.99, but it is free to keep on Steam for anyone who claims it between now and April 14.

The realm’s greatest masters face off in a never-ending conflict for glory in Minion Masters. Choose from a variety of cards and masters across nine unique factions, each with their own specialties, and build the best deck to overthrow your opponents in quick and intense matches! Along with the new co-op adventure mode debuting today, you can play solo adventures through the ages, or go online for epic 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer duels.

Minion Masters is free to download on Steam and Xbox. More information can be found on the official website: