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Dec 19, 2019

Lonely Mountains: Downhill update begins Christmas Event and fixes bugs

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From Press Release:

Gothenburg, Sweden – December 19, 2019 – Thunderful Publishing and Megagon Industries are getting into the holiday spirit and are bringing a Christmas Event to the joy filled Lonely Mountains: Downhill. How does riding downhill in a Santa hat sound? Well get ready for that and many other surprises as presents are hidden throughout each mountain full of unlockable content that’s bound to give you a jolly good time!

When the Lonely Mountains: Downhill event kicks off on December 19, there will be 16 presents available to find throughout the mountains with more coming throughout the event. For those who collect all 32 presents, they will be able to ride downhill in true holiday style. It is the season that keeps on giving after all.

In addition to the new Christmas Event, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is also being updated with new additions, adjustments, and various bug fixes.

  • Added facial hair and facial hair colors to customization options
  • Added new languages: Turkish and Polish
  • Improved keyboard controls
  • Challenges are now automatically selected when opening a category
  • Fixed bug that caused some achievements from activating
  • Added a functionality to protect saved games from becoming corrupt
  • Fixed a freeze bug in the pause menu
  • Various smaller bug fixes