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Feb 27, 2020

Descenders receives FREE update adding Bike Parks, and is on a Free Weekend with 40% off

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From Press Release:

Hey folks, we’ve got two REALLY exciting things to let you know about!


If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump in and play or want to get your friends involved, now is the time! If you happen to fall in love with the trails, Descenders will be 40% off now and all weekend!


We’ve noticed you all really like the mod support we added in the previous update – handcrafted trails bring a whole new dimension to Descenders. To jump in on this we decided to add a Bike Park section to the game.
This section holds Rosie’s handcrafted maps (which can be found on as well as the immensely popular Stoker Bike Park by Spe. We’re also happy to announce that Spe will be creating more maps much like Stoker, which we’ll add directly to the game on a regular basis.
As getting mods working on console proves to be very hard to do for a small team like ours we’re happy to say that we will be bringing the handcrafted content in the bike park section to all console versions as well.

For Xbox One/PC Game Pass players: the content of this update will be heading your way very soon.


  • Bike Parks:
    • From the main menu, you can now enter Ride -> Bike Parks.
    • Stoker Bike Park has had 3 more trails added.
    • Bike Park levels all have seeds. This makes it so that you can play the levels in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Mod of the Year unlocks:
    • We recently held a Mod of the Year competition. The winners (Spe, Dogtorque, Kingkrautz) have had a chance to create their own outfit+bike and see it added to the game. Congratulate them on the Descenders Discord and ask them for the key to unlock their outfit in your game.
  • Misc:
    • Mt. Rosie map has been drastically optimized for lower-end systems.
    • You can now save and play replays from mod levels.
    • Mod of the Year sign added to Mt. Palumbo.
    • Bugfix: Going 100km/h sometimes caused a crash.

If you want to keep up to date with the known issues and our current plans, don’t forget you can join our Discord.