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Apr 24, 2020

Drug Dealer Simulator takes over New & Trending and Top Selling charts on Steam

From Press Release:

“Drug Dealer Simulator” since the release day, for a week straight, has been present on Steam “New & Trending” and “Top Selling” tabs. The game has been also visible in the prestige “Featured & Recommended” section for the most of this time.

We’ve expected Drug Dealer Simulator might be our most popular simulator to date, however, we couldn’t predict a scenario where we are on Steam main front for a week straight. Drug Dealer Simulator is a huge success for us here in Movie Games publisher. We’d love to thank our devoted community and invite new dealers to it – we still have review codes for reviewers, streamers, and let’s players! Still not convinced to join this shady-dealing-practice in our game? So take a look at those first impressions.

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Moreover, we had over 6k concurrent players, and our Steam user score is “very positive” from the first day on the market, April 16th. However, we do not rest on our laurels. We’ve already launched two patches that fix major & minor bugs which squeezed through our QA. The next updates are on their way! In the upcoming weeks, we are going to expand the game with the brand new content and functions as well.

Join us on official Movie Games and Drug Dealer Simulator social media channels. See you on the Streets!

Drug Dealer Simulator Key Features:

  • A controversial topic presented with attention to detail and humorous elements
  • A narration of the main game mode, unheard of in simulators
  • Over a dozen unique mechanics that make a realistic simulation of the life of a drug dealer
  • A strong strategic, economic thread and moral dilemmas

Climate-building sound and music track

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