Aug 06, 2020

Post Void is a two dollar first-person shooter roguelike from Sea Salt developers, YCJY Games

From Press Release:

Gothenburg, Sweden – August 6, 2020 – YCJY Games, the madcap developer behind The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human and Sea Salt, have unleashed their latest project upon the world with the frenetic first-person shooter roguelike Post Void. Available on Steam for $2.99 – and discounted to $1.99 this week – Post Void is the most fun you’ll have for less than a cuppa joe.

We move forward
We aim to progress.

Post Void is a surreal scramble of early first-person shooter design that values speed above all else. You’re constantly taking damage, which is only replenished by obliterating fiends with your infinite ammo weapons. Featuring frenetic first-person combat and comically cruel difficulty, most players aren’t going to last more than a couple of minutes as they brave Post Void’s flurry of 11 procedurally-generated micro stages.

Try not to                     Try to avoid
look back                    lingering on
too much.                    mistakes.

Post Void is an easy game to grasp with a control scheme consisting entirely of shooting, sliding and jumping, yet there’s plenty of variety with a choice of power-ups presented between each level. Change your weapon to a shotgun or uzi, increase your HP, or upgrade to ricochet bullets. Keep your hopes up for your favorite upgrades as you race your way through this ultra-violent ultra-vibrant representation of a headache. Compete with your friends to ascend the leaderboards and reach the bliss of the Void.

You will make mistakes.

We measure
the past                          with what
we are left with.

Post Void is a sort of mix of Devil Daggers and Downwell with heavy influence from Francis Bacon,” said Josef, artist. “It’s fast, intense, and a run is so short that it just begs for a ‘one more try’ mentality until you’ve lost track of time and wasted your life.”

Each achievement presents a new
challenge, as the last one
dwarfs to our ambition.

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