Aug 14, 2020

Iron Conflict gameplay trailer showcases active combat, Closed Beta signups available now and starts tonight

From Press Release:

The first Closed Beta for Iron Conflict starts tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific Time! There’s also a new gameplay trailer with 100% in-game footage.

The trailer highlights the game’s unique take on RTS gameplay. Players can choose between a “tactical,” birds-eye view that lends itself nicely to micro-management or opt for direct control over tanks, AA guns, and fighter aircraft for increased immersion – a first in the RTS genre.


History buffs, RTS, and strategy game fans can register for the Beta at:

If approved, a Steam key will be sent within 24 hours. Players will be able to provide feedback, socialize, and ask the developers questions on the official Iron Conflict Discord server:

The Closed Beta ends on Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time.


Iron Conflict is an online real-time competitive strategy game built using Unreal Engine 4 that will be making its worldwide debut in Q3 2020.

Featuring up to 10v10 online battles, Iron Conflict offers players highly-detailed, historically accurate models, photo-realistic visuals, and awesome special effects that make them feel like they’re in command of a powerful military force.


  • High-impact RTS combat featuring 3v3, 5v5, and 10v10 competitive matches.
  • Endlessly replayable with randomized maps.
  • Scout units help you find the enemy before they find you!
  • Hundreds of real-life airplanes and tanks – including bombers, fighters, anti-tank vehicles, anti-air batteries, and more!
  • Tons of customization with extensive modules and tech trees.
  • Three main unit types: scouts (infantry), tanks, and airplanes.
  • Pitched battles as players take their formations into combat: 10v10 skirmishes with 60 units in play at any given time!


The game will be released on Steam in Q3 2020. Pricing is yet to be determined.

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