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Sep 28, 2020

The Imagined Leviathan features permadeath and poetry, survive a blizzard in the latest from de Fault

From Press Release:

You’re trapped in a British forest

It’s fifty degrees below zero

Stick to the shadows

Build a fire

Deliver your message

You must stay warm at all costs



Following the critical success of The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers, The Imagined Leviathan is the third game in a series of short narrative experiences to be released monthly by developers Far Few Giants. Focusing on stunning visuals, challenging survival and slick writing, the game is a political response to the impossibility of an ethical life in the modern world.

Playable in 20 minutes, you’ll bear a message through the ever-present monochromatic blizzard towards Steel Henge, a place of great importance to humanity’s remnants. On the way you’ll scrape together twigs, moss, and stories to build fires to keep yourself from freezing. But a malevolent presence lurks between the trees, just out of reach.

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