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Sep 29, 2020

Arcane Showdown now available on Steam, Android, and iOS with version 1.0

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From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES – Sept. 29, 2020 – The quest to become the most powerful mage in Concordia is here! Arcane Showdown, the latest title from Big Huge Games, the veteran team behind mobile sensation DomiNations, is available now for Steam, Android and iOS devices.

Arcane Showdown is a multiplatform phenomenon created for players who value the art of strategy and competition. Set in a world filled with magical beings and fantastical creatures, Arcane Showdown is an all-encompassing real-time strategy (RTS) that challenges players to outsmart their way to the top. As players aim to become the most powerful mage in all of Concordia and hone their abilities within the walls of the citadel, they must explore and conquer an evolving universe. Using a variety of mighty warriors, devastating spells and enchanted entities, Arcane Showdown players must craft a masterful army all their own in order to reign supreme. Continual updates, weekly live events and exhilarating player versus player (PvP) action ensure players will always have a dynamic experience.

The second title from Big Huge Games, Arcane Showdown encourages players to master their strategy skills by testing their ability to think on their feet in a real-time environment. The game is available for free on mobile and PC and can be accessed on the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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