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Dec 15, 2020

Spintires’ latest DLC, China Adventure is out today on Steam

From Press Release:

December 15th, 2020 – Spintires, the ultimate off-roading game is getting it’s biggest and most exciting DLC to date, Spintires: China Adventure DLC.

Spintires: China Adventure DLC will be available December 15th at 10:00 AM PST on Steam:

Spintires China Adventure DLC

Surrounded by quaint rural villages, Spintires: China Adventure DLC takes you on a journey through the dense, muddy forests of Wusu Foshan National Park and over the steep, dangerous mountain ranges of the Dushanzi Grand Canyon.
China Adventure DLC is Spintires’ largest and most daring DLC to date, featuring:

  • Two new maps; “China Village” and “China Canyons” based on the Wusu Foshan National Forest Park and Dushanzi Grand Canyon.
  • The B-CA30, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese truck with excellent cross-country capabilities including a standard exhaust, fireproof exhaust, flatbed, fuel cistern, spare wheel, garage parts, two utility loads, and two standby fuel tanks add-ons.
  • The C-EQ2081, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese cargo truck, with its powerful diesel engine, intended for operations in mountainous areas. The C-EQ2081 features include a crane, crane support, flatbed, fuel cistern, garage parts, spare wheel, standby fuel tank, and utility load add-on.
  • The B-CA10, a light-weight but capable 4X2 Chinese truck, perfectly suited for the narrow pathways in the “China Villages”. The B-CA10 features include a standard exhaust, fireproof exhaust, flatbed, fuel cistern, spare wheel, garage parts, and standby fuel tank add-ons. This truck also features chained wheels and wide off-road wheels!

Additionally, there are also new load types specifically tailored to the DLC – rice cargo and industrial steel pipe cargo as well as seven new challenging achievements.

You can grab Spintires China Adventure DLC now on Steam:

If you don’t already own Spintires but want to buy the China Adventure DLC – the great news is that Spintires and all other existing DLC’s are currently available on sale for 75% off for the next week!

You can pick-up Spintires and all existing DLC’s here: