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Jan 06, 2021

Paladins: Champions of the Realm begins new Battle Pass with “Eternal Pyre” today

From Press Release:

ATLANTA – JANUARY 6 – Today Paladins: Champions of the Realm launched its new major content update named Eternal Pyre.

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Live now – Eternal Pyre Battle Pass

Paladins’ Eternal Pyre Battle Pass is now out and unlocks four new Exclusive Skins straight from the Realm’s heavens, plus a darker Recolor for each.

All gold and blue and angelic wings come Eternal Retribution Koga, Eternal Conflict Jenos, and Eternal Conflict Lian—guarded as always by Khan with his Eternal Guardian skin.

The Battle Pass also features a hundred more thematic rewards such as Chests, Avatars, Loading Frames, and more.

Tomorrow on January 7 – Hi-Rez Showcase

The player base of Paladins continued to grow in 2020 and is now over 45 million strong. Even more content is set to hit the Realm in 2021 with the game’s update cycle picking up the pace from a quarterly to a bimonthly basis.

The community reaffirmed how much they loved new Champions—especially with the latest recruit Vora greeted with unanimous excitement last October—and all will be thrilled to hear just who will join the Realm next year.

Evil Mojo Games is about to reveal that and much more tomorrow during Paladins’ next update show followed by the ‘Hi-Rez Presents’ keynote on at 3:30 pm EST. It will also include major new Season announcements for Rogue Company and SMITE.

The keynote comes as part of the company-wide online celebration Hi-Rez Showcase, also featuring the yearly Cosplay Contest, various panels, and more community fun, as well as esports thrills with the SMITE World Championships.

Here are the patch notes for the Eternal Pyre update.



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