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Jan 13, 2021

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will release in full on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this year

From Press Release:

13th January 2021, California, USA – Developers Doborog announced today that the cult Steam hit Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the first time, and will be launching out of Steam Early Access in 2021.

The story so far

Since the Steam Early Access launch in 2017 the game has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and has gathered over 8,500 user reviews (and currently 97% Overwhelmingly Positive) and almost 30,000 Steam workshop submissions from the community. Over time, the game has become a virtual playground for a large and passionate community that competes daily in the robot arena of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.

About the game

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a robot voxel slice-em-up where any part of your body can be sliced off, which plays out across a variety of singleplayer, online multiplayer and online co-op modes. With your human mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, you must survive the sinister trials of the arena and join the human resistance against the evil robot empire.


  • Unique Slice-and-Dice Gameplay: Perfectly time every attack in intense physics-based combat where any part of the body can be precisely sliced off, and each hit can mean death

  • Surprising Weapons: Equip your robot to fit your playstyle with weapons like flame swords and giant hammers to equipment like jet packs, piston-powered superkicks and flame-throwing dinosaurs

  • Single player adventure: Dive into an epic tale of human defiance against robot overlords in story mode or tackle endless and challenge modes

  • Online-Coop: Use the power of human friendship (and laser swords!) to survive in the arena

  • Online Versus mode: Battle friends in “Last Bot Standing” – A Battle-Royale-like game mode with up to 15 players, or fight in 1v1 duels

  • Level Editor: Make custom levels and challenges and share them with other humans! Explore the rich Workshop library of nearly 30,000 awesome human-built levels (exclusive to Steam)

  • Entertaining Commentary: With over 38,000(!!!) spoken words, Commentatron and Analysis-Bot provide a running commentary of your performance and react to your activities.

Get it on Steam today: