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Feb 24, 2021

Blightbound nears the end of Early Access with the “Final Charge” update, available now

From Press Release:

AUSTIN (Feb. 24, 2021) – The Blightbound 0.7 update, dubbed Final Charge, delivers a wealth of new features, challenges, items and more to the game as it nears the end of its heroic journey through Early Access.

The Final Charge has begun in earnest. Leaping headfirst into battle comes Commander Clegg, legendary leader of The Fifth, a mercenary band contracted into the great army that vanquished the Titan Kriusz. Now older and wiser, Clegg summons mighty Phalanxes to the battlefield in his renewed struggle against the Blight.

Among new treasures to be unearthed lie Blighted Items, including the first of five unique item effects bequeathed to heroes by the Blightbound community, The Vortex Blade; a deadly maneuver capable of drawing in foes to deliver increased damage.

An intimidating new threat emerges with the arrival of Blightrifts – a series of unique and dangerous challenges that will push your heroes’ skills in combat, quick thinking and puzzle-solving to their limits.

The story of Blightbound continues to unfold, revealing new heroes and weapons, opening up new and darker regions filled with even more beasts and bosses lurking within the cursed mists. Learn more about the ongoing development, patch notes and lore at, and follow @RonimoGames on Twitter.

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