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Apr 13, 2021

After the final update with SYNTHETIK: Ultimate, Flow Fire Games announces SYNTHETIK 2 for Steam Early Access this year

From Press Release:

April 13 2021 – Berlin, Germany. Flow Fire Games announces a sequel to the Rogue-Lite hit SYNTHETIK. The sequel, SYNTHETIK 2 is coming to Steam Early Access, with refined gameplay, a brand-new look bringing an extra dimension, up to 4 player co-op action, modding support, and much more! Wishlist now on Steam.

Over a million people have played the award winning SYNTHETIK franchise on Steam, where it has a 95% Overwhelmingly Positive rating. Watch the reveal teaser now:

SYNTHETIK 2 is an unforgiving tactical shooter rogue-lite where you’ll have to experiment and adapt to defeat the Machine Legion. Experience the next level in gun-play thanks to an all new Tech Framework and Universe Ruleset which adds a new world of possibilities.

Tackle the new threat of powerful Factions, each with their own Technologies and lethal Arsenals. There are a dizzying number of ways to arm your character and destroy the Machine Legion thanks to new Classes combined with a range of different weapons and items.

On top of all this, expect expanded Coop for up to 4 Players, powerful integrated Modding Support, a new Universe Hub, Overhauled Graphics and much more!

Key Features:

  • The SYNTHETIK Technology Ruleset V2 brings gameplay to new heights, while a brand new framework opens up tons of new possibilities, further refining the uniquely deep weapon handling mechanics praised by VG247 and Forbes
  • Re-engineered in full 3D from the ground up to add an extra dimension to your unforgiving quest to take down the machine gods
  • Near-infinite replay value thanks to a fresh new progression system combined with new randomized environments and unending options on how to arm and upgrade yourself
  • Introducing the SYNTHETIK Universe, expanding on the Machine Gods, Technologies, Doctrines and Generals of the various Machine Factions, including our new community, Lore and SYNTHETIK universe hubs!
  • Up to 4 player online co-op with full dedicated servers and more focus on tactical coordination and teamplay
  • Powerful modding capabilities thanks to new ‘Universe-Edit’ Engine Framework which unlocks our gameplay tech for every player, with content creation tools that work directly within the game

Players will soon get their hands on all this when SYNTHETIK 2 releases into Early Access on Steam this summer. There’ll be a lot to explore as we work with players to balance the game. Wishlist already on Steam, or join our new SYNTHETIK Universe Hub to chat with other fans and learn more about the SYNTHETIK universe.

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