Jun 12, 2021

HUMANKIND beginning Closed Beta soon, play the first 200 turns prior to the full release

From Press Release:

Paris, June 12th – Can you lead your people to glory over the course of human history? Can you leave your mark on the world in a journey from the Neolithic to the Industrial era? Find out by playing the Closed Beta of HUMANKIND™, Amplitude Studios’ upcoming historical turn-based strategy game.


Our past OpenDevs have been more focused on the early game. Now, for the first-time, we’re giving access through to the end of the Industrial era, or 200 turns, whichever comes first. This represents 5 out of the 6 total eras that will be in the game at launch.

  • Try out 10 new industrial era cultures
  • Exploit coal and oil to push your economy to new heights of productivity
  • Build railways to cheaply and quickly move goods and troops
  • Fight the biggest battles yet, support them with long range artillery bombardment, and take to the skies to keep an eye on your enemies!


Pre-purchasing HUMANKIND™ on the Steam or Epic Games Store will grant instant access to the Closed Beta when it starts.

Players can also watch their favourite streamers during the Closed Beta period; they’ll be handing out keys via Twitch drops. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of streamers dropping Keys and Customized avatars next week that hopefuls can tune in to:

AmplitudeStudios Burke Black GamerZakh Joueur du Grenier
Lewis Lomadiah Marbozir Quill18
ZeratoR Shurjoka


Watch the PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 13th at 14:30 PDT to find out more!

We hope you enjoy!

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