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Jul 07, 2021

Weapon of Choice DX from Mommy’s Best Games comes to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch on September 2nd

From Press Release:

Charlestown, IN –July 7, 2020 – Indie game developer Mommy’s Best Games announces a new twist on the classic run and gun genre with Weapon of Choice DX coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Weapon of Choice DX is a high-energy, side-scroller with unique playable characters each with their own special weapon! Blast insane aliens, find new player characters, and choose between branching paths! The DX version improves on the award-winning XBLIG hit with difficulty rebalancing, a new widescreen layout, and uprezzed 4K art.

“I love playing run and gun games, and Weapon of Choice DX is like a Contra game on acid!” says Nathan Fouts, lead designer, “It’s all the alien-blasting you can handle, but with some innovative twists to the genre such as the ‘Death-Brushing’ ability, for retro-gamers like me who want a boost.”

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Fouts continued “Everything I loved about classic run and guns is here, the giant guns, the monsters, the challenge. But there’s also new things to spice things up like branching paths, and the Spiderpack!”


The world is being taken over by gene-combining beings from beyond the stars!

Hideous new creatures are popping up everywhere, and it’s up to the Solus Operatives to grab their unique weapons and split some disgusting alien skulls!

Run and Gun and Chat

Join the Mommy’s Best Games Discord to get all the news on Weapon of Choice DX, upcoming MBG games and sales, and to discuss other run and gun games. Shmup players, retro enthusiasts and game developers are there now talking about the details of many classic shooters.

September Release with Pre-Order Available Now

On September 2nd, Weapon of Choice DX will be available in the Americas and Europe on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version will support a worldwide release.
The Xbox One version is available for pre-order now. The Nintendo Switch pre-order will start on July 21st.

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Key Features for Weapon of Choice DX in 4K

  • Choice is your Weapon! Play through non-linear levels and make dynamic in-level branch decisions!
  • Each playable character has their own special weapon two fire modes!
  • Rescue unique playable characters and add to total number of playable lives!
  • Experience Death Brushing! Unlike traditional one-hit kill games, you have a chance to get out of a tight spot.
  • Reap revenge for your downed Operatives with the Vengeance Missile!
  • Scale walls and attack from anywhere with the automated Spiderpack!
  • Replay to experience different storylines with completely distinct endings!
  • Rock out to original music with a heavy metal guitar soundtrack!
  • Remastered for 4K resolution, in wide-screen format, at 60 fps!

Additional Information

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