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Jul 08, 2021

Summer Strolls season and Daily Rides Modifiers update drops for Lonely Mountains: Downhill today

From Press Release:

Thunderful Publishing & Megagon Industries are happy to announce that the new Daily Ride season 7 “Summer Strolls” introduces a brand new major update in the form of ALL NEW Daily Rides Modifiers! This new feature will challenge seasoned and novel riders alike by switching up the gameplay in the beloved Daily Rides and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One from today.

The new Modifiers give experienced riders novel and unexpected ways to get them out of their comfort zone. Play completely new trail layouts with the Changed Checkpoint modifier, make a 720 trick with the Better Flying Control modifier or jump on the overpowered Super Bike and race down the mountain like never before! And if you feel like you know the trails like the back of your hand? The mind-twisting Mirror Modifier will put your knowledge to the test. A new surprise awaits each day as a randomly selected modifier combination will be added to the chosen Daily Rides Trail, making them a literal game changer!

Check out a snippet of what to expect:

  • Mirrored Mode – the trail is horizontally mirrored, challenging everyone who already knows all the trails by heart
  • New Obstacles and Short Cuts – new obstacles will keep you on your toe or allow you to use new and unexpected short cuts
  • Changed Checkpoints – checkpoints have been moved, removed and/or added so you need to find completely new shortcuts and routes
  • Unlimited Sprinting – Infinite stamina, so sprint as long as you want!
  • Better Flying Control – in mid air the player can rotate the bike faster, allowing some nice stunts
  • Double Bonus – twice as many season points gives an extra incentive to participate today

…and many more!

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Now to shine some light on the latest Daily Rides…Season 7: Summer Strolls which besides introducing the Daily Ride modifiers also adds some beach-life outfits and accessories to the game.

Dress up your character in classic sunny season garb with 4 new outfits:

  • Beach
  • Sporty
  • Summer
  • Neoprene

Get ready for outdoor activities with two cool backpacks: Surfboard and Yoga Mat
Top your look off with two summer themed helmets: Cap and Straw Hat!

Daily Rides is a seasonal cross-platform daily leaderboard competition. Each day a trail will be selected randomly, complete with new obstacles, shortcuts and modifiers. Every 3-8 week season offers up a new theme with unlockable cosmetic rewards for participants. Do you have what it takes to dominate the season? Get riding and see if you can rise to the top of the leaderboard!

PlayStation – Planet of the Discounts – SALE

Feeling like you want to take a trip to the mountains? Well if you’re on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a part of the Planet of the Discounts sale starting today and lasting up until July 21st. During the sale get Lonely Mountains: Downhill for 30% off (extra 10% discount for Playstation Plus). Get the Eldfjall Island DLC for 20% off (extra 10% for Playstation Plus).

Lonely Mountains: Downhill and the Eldfjall Island DLC are both available now for Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC (Steam®).

A demo for Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Steam®, Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation® so, if you are on the fence, download it and head down the first trail of the Sierra Rivera mountain.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook pages to stay up-to-date on all the latest straight from the mountain peaks and also check out the Thunderful news page for more on all games from us.

For more information about Lonely Mountains: Downhill please visit the official website: