Aug 05, 2021

A Monster’s Expedition comes to Switch today, alongside massive “Museum Update” for all platforms

From Press Release:

5th August 2021, London, UK – Puzzle powerhouse Draknek & Friends have a double whammy for A Monster’s Expedition fans today. The hit sensation puzzle game is releasing today on Nintendo Switch, alongside a massive content update that will be available to all released platforms.

The ‘Museum Update’ update adds new islands to explore, more human exhibits to find (like the famous “Leech-powered surgeon”, whatever that is!!), and over 100 more puzzles, all sprinkled with all the same sweet-natured humour players loved in the original. It will be available today on Switch, PC and Apple Arcade.

Returning to the original game? Never fear – this update will preserve your save file, meaning you can pick up exactly where you left off and get stuck into the update content. Available directly from the main game, all players can download the update for no extra cost

A Monster’s Expedition Features:

  • Puzzle Pedigree – An adorable open world puzzle game from the creators of A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express.

  • Packed with Positivity – Simple but thoughtfully crafted mechanics packed with humour, variety and new angles to uncover.

  • Peacefully Paced – Visit hundreds of different islands with puzzles ranging from childishly simple to nefariously hard, moving in whatever direction is best for you.

  • Ponder the People – Explore “Human Englandland” and learn about human society from the perspective of curious monsters.

‘With A Monster’s Expedition, we wanted to make a game for everyone,’ says Alan Hazelden, co-creator of A Monster’s Expedition. ‘I think we’ve somehow managed to achieve that impossible goal: making a puzzle game that’s the perfect difficulty for almost anyone, whether you want a casual stroll through a pleasant world or you want to be really stumped.’