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Aug 05, 2021

Dreamscaper wakes up from Early Access with 1.0 release today for this surreal roguelite RPG

From Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO – Aug. 5, 2021 – Dreamscaper, the surreal rogue-lite action RPG from publisher Freedom Games and developer Afterburner Studios, makes its Nintendo Switch™ debut today, alongside the 1.0 launch of the Windows PC version on Steam and Epic Game Store.

A good night’s sleep is an impossible task for Cassidy. Each night, the young woman is spirited away into a twisted dream world created by her subconscious. The ever-twisting labyrinths and dungeons she encounters nightly take on familiar shapes and forms manifested by her deepest fears and anxieties. To overcome her nightly ordeal, Cassidy fights to delve deeper into the dream world, wielding a variety of imaginative weapons and superpowers.

Unlock, equip, and master more than 200 items, weapons, and skills. Blast through nightmarish creatures by firing off rounds from Cassidy’s finger guns before dashing headlong into the action with a lightning-fast katana. Parry incoming attacks to elude harm and follow up with strikes of lucid-dreaming abilities like seismic shocks to turn the tide of battle in Cassidy’s favor.

Power up Cassidy during the day by interacting with characters located in her city’s parks and shops. Pass the time chatting with the townsfolk, forging bonds by exchanging gifts and learning more about them. Develop friendships to unlock new powers and passive abilities that aid Cassidy’s nightly adventures through the deepest recesses of her mind.

With the launch of PC version 1.0 and Nintendo Switch, Dreamscaper introduces a wealth of new content and features. Face off against powerful bosses Regret and Resentment, explore a twisted vision of Cassidy’s hometown, and scour the environment to discover the truth of Cassidy’s past. Progress through the game across eight difficulty options, including a dynamic difficulty slider, for a journey that’s accessible and rewarding to all players.

Nintendo Switch owners can toggle between Performance Mode, which prioritizes keeping the action at 60 FPS or enjoy more detailed graphics in Quality Mode with 30 FPS.

“Being able to bring our labor of love to the Nintendo Switch is something of a dream unto itself,” said Ian Cofino, co-founder, Afterburner Studios. “We wouldn’t have been able to reach this point without the feedback and support of our Early Access community, so thank you all. Now everyone can go make some unforgettable dreams of their own!”

Dreamscaper is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam and Epic Game Store for Windows PC for $24.99 / €20.99 / £19.49, with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean language support.

For more information, please visit the official website, follow Dreamscaper on Twitter and Instagram, like the Facebook page, and join the community on Discord.