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Aug 09, 2021

QB Planets, the mobile hit comes to PC via Steam on August 16th

From Press Release:

Madowl Games is proud to announce that their latest mobile production, QB Planets is coming to PC Steam on 16th August! A beautifully stylized puzzle game that’s suitable for all ages and sports a fresh twist on a widely recognized puzzle format.

Many a puzzle enthusiast are familiar with the iconic cube toys. With their quizzically mixed up colorful fields, we rotate and rearrange their segments until we obtain a desired pattern on each side and thus claim victory over the shuffled puzzle.

Puzzles such as these have inspired a range of fun game concepts throughout history, and QB Planets is another one. It creatively combines this concept in a video-game setting with a theme discovering fantastic planets in outer space.

Read more about the game here! – QB Planets on Steam

As mentioned before, QB Planets is a creative combination of a classic toy with new mechanics in the medium of a puzzle video game. The player is in control of a brave Astronaut character who ventures the far reaches of outer space in the pursuit of exploring the unbelievable planets found there. And unbelievable they are, as they are cubic in structure and can have rows of their fields moved around.

The goal in doing so is to rearrange the planet’s environment in order to allow the Astronaut to move quickly and without encountering any hazards and collect stars that will power their Spaceship in the Astronaut’s journey to the next cube planet.

As the player makes progress through the game’s levels, he/she will discover planets of completely different settings – from barren moon rock to icy fields, to unstable volcanoes, to thick jungles, and more.

The game also offers a number of challenges to complete for each level/planet – finish it in a limited time, number of cube twists, Astronaut moves, as well as others that will challenge you in a brand new way!

Your rewards for all the extra accomplished objectives await – new skins to customize the appearance of both the Astronaut and their Spaceship!

Gameplay Out Of This World

QB Planets also boasts its beta integration with Tilt Five, an upcoming augmented-reality tabletop system that allows you to enjoy games in an unprecedented holographic experience. Using special glasses that connect to your personal computer or mobile device, see your favorite game projected onto the very physical space in front of you.

Enjoy it solo or with friends as you rediscover the fun of tabletop with groundbreaking solutions in gaming!

So hop into the Spaceship with QB Planets on this logically engaging, fun experience for all ages and discover the crazy planets out in the final frontier of the cosmos!