Aug 19, 2021

GET TO THE ORANGE DOOR gets 50% discount alongside “Sticks and Stones” update today

From Press Release:

BOWLING GREEN – August 19, 2021 | Hitcents is excited to announce GET TO THE ORANGE DOOR, a FPS that draws inspiration from such diverse games as Halo, Titanfall, and DOOM, recently received a major update. You want to know the best part?!?! Of course, you do, that’s why you are reading this. GTTOD is on sale as part of Steam’s Daily Deal.

Regularly priced at $14.99 you can grab GTTOD from August 19th at 10 am PT to August 21st at 10 am PT on Steam for 50% off. That’s an explosive amount of fun for cheaper than the price of a burrito.

After the success of the Excessively Late Update, which has received overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews, Andrew and his team (is one person a team?) have worked diligently to bring the players the Sticks and Stones update.This update brings along with it:

  • A new level – “The Forged Pass”

  • Weapon Upgrading with the Build a Bang

  • New Melee Weapons and Power Weapons

  • New Enemies: The Seeker and the Nest

  • The Battle Arena and Battle Stones

  • New Starter Cards and Arenas

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