Sep 01, 2021

Cloud Gardens releases in full onto Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S today

From Press Release:

1st September, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Indie studio Noio (Kingdom & New Lands) is releasing their latest project Cloud Gardens on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One today. The game is also leaving Steam Early Access with a hefty launch update (also included in the Xbox version).

In Cloud Gardens, players must harness the power of nature to overgrow lo-fi scenes of urban decay and manufactured landscapes. Dive into a relaxing sandbox mode with no goals, or take on a multi-chapter “campaign” where the task is to strike a balance between the natural and the manufactured. Adding objects will encourage lush vegetation to grow, but each object must be covered in foliage in order to proceed.

Since it’s Early Access launch in September 2020 Cloud Gardens gathered over 900 “overwhelmingly positive” user reviews (96% positive) and was updated regularly with major content updates. 

Launch update features:

  • A Branching Overworld Map

  • 15+ New Levels, 120+ New Items

  • Freecam Mode

  • Customizable Skyboxes

  • Achievements

  • Full Controller Support

  • Language Support: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish

Main game features:

  • Solve organic puzzles in a serene 3D space.

  • Create to your heart’s content in creative mode.

  • Unlock an enormous catalogue of objects and plantlife.

  • Share your creations.

  • Featuring generative soundscapes by Amos Roddy (Kingdom)

“I’ve seen so much creativity from our community over the past year, it really blows my mind,” said Thomas van den Berg, Creator of Cloud Gardens. “Cloud Gardens has become what I hoped it’d be: a way for people to relax and express themselves at the same time. Thank you everyone!”

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