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Sep 21, 2021

Golf Peaks, the card-based puzzler comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today

From Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 21st, Cracow, Poland.

No need to put your golf shoes on, and you can leave your golf clubs behind and forget about your hiking gear, too. The only thing you’ll need here will be a sharp mind, as over a hundred twenty challenging puzzles set in nine lovely worlds are ahead of you. 

Download the game from the Microsoft Store today ( for only $4.99.

Golf Peaks is a relaxing, award-winning puzzler where you climb mountains by playing golf. The title uniquely combines puzzle mechanics with an easy-to-learn card-based movement system, providing the player with numerous action cards. Each card moves the ball in a different way and at varying distances. Solve enjoyable yet challenging puzzles and make your way to the hole. Immerse yourself in the relaxing music accompanied by minimalist, eye-pleasing graphics. Complete over 120 handcrafted levels and become a mountaineer and golfer in one.

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  • Challenging gameplay – complete over 120 levels and discover nine worlds.
  • Diversity – experiment with various block types.
  • Strategy – use cards to move the ball.
  • Soothing – minimalist visuals and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Zero understanding of golf required!

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Golf Peaks is launching on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today and costs $4.99 / 4.99 EUR. More information about the game can be found on the official website ( and Facebook page.