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Oct 01, 2021

Quicksave 043: Snarf Did This

The Fall release tidal wave is crashing on the shores of Saving Content, but we are prepared with steeled nerves and finely adjusted gaming chairs. Scott kicks us off with more Diablo II: Resurrected, because it is in fact that good! He also shares his opinions on Hot Wheels Unleashed, a strong contender for best new arcade racer, and then the guys take a deep dive into Amazon’s new MMO, New World. Later, Evan shares early impressions of Lost Judgment and a quick hint of what TOEM is all about.

Discussed: Diablo II: Resurrected 6:05, Hot Wheels Unleashed 17:22, New World 37:37, Lost Judgment 1:23:39, TOEM 1:41:24