Oct 15, 2021

Asymmetrical co-op spy game Operation: Tango introduces Challenge Mode through a FREE update today

From Press Release:

MONTREAL: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2021 – Popular asymmetrical co-op espionage adventure Operation: Tango is launching a free update featuring an all-new Challenge Mode, available across all platforms: Steam, Epic, PlayStation 4 & 5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S.

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To celebrate the update, we’ll be offering the chance to get 30% off the full game on Steam and PlayStation 4 & 5! There is also a Steam Daily Deal set for Sunday, October 17th.

Free Update: Challenge Mode

You and your partner may have completed your primary mission, but you still need to keep your skills sharp! Explore the all-new Challenge mode to hone your communication skills, compete for medals, and even take control of new robot friends! Master your craft and work quickly if you want to collect every medal! Bronze, Silver, and Gold are all up for grabs… and for the most elite agents looking to prove themselves, there will be leaderboards on the Clever Plays Discord server!

Not feeling competitive? You can always just walk through each challenge at your own pace and enjoy the new content – there’s no time limit for those of you who like to take their espionage at a more casual pace.

The Challenge Mode features a whole new area to explore, ten trials to complete, and up to two hours of unique gameplay. This new content unlocks (for free) after completing the main Operation: Tango missions.

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In Operation: Tango, two players partner up as field agent and hacker, working together to save the world. With exotic locations, intricate puzzles, and the mission of bringing a major cybercriminal to their knees, pairs are presented with a near-future world where they must stay in constant verbal contact, linked within an augmented, fully-connected, and highly-stylized world.

Playing from separate devices, each player enjoys a completely unique perspective on the action. The result is an escape room-esque experience that tests teamwork while bonding players in the process. Partnering up is easy thanks to cross-platform play between PCs and consoles, plus the Friend Pass which allows owners of Operation: Tango to invite friends to join them for free via the freely downloadable demo.

Operation: Tango is available for $19.99 USD on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as Steam, PS5, and PS4.

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