Oct 21, 2021

Endless Update for Boomerang X brings new Red Garden map and Endless Mode to Steam today

From Press Release:

Action-packed FPB (First Person Boomeranger) Boomerang X has launched its first major update on PC, extending the breakneck boomerang action into an infinite onslaught of enhanced enemies in the mysterious RED GARDEN, an all-new map that feels unlike anything else in the game. Players old and new keen to get a taste of some hot, fresh, boomerang action can play the brand new Endless Mode for free on Steam right now.

Hurl yourself into Endless Run Mode with a variety of options, changing your shield supply and what power ups you have access to. Depending on your choice these categories make the game more challenging, teeth-clenchingly difficult, or just provide a different flavor. You can even make custom categories. Time to let your recklessness run free.

See where you rank amongst your fellow warriors on the new Endless Run Online Leaderboard, and track new Endless Run achievements as you seek to stem the endless tides of goo.

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