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Mar 24, 2023

Deflector diverts from Early Access for 1.0 release today on Steam

From Press Release:

Edgware, UK –March 24, 2023– Publisher and independent development studio Arrowfist Games announce that Deflector is leaving Early Access on Steam today. The full version of the game costs $19.99 USD.

Deflector is a fast-paced rogue-lite game set in a deadly microcosm where players can redirect enemy projectiles using unique weapons and mutations to eradicate viruses.

Players can choose from different Bioshells, each with unique abilities to deflect projectiles, starting with the Boomerang-slinging Eradicator, and unlock more Bioshells by advancing in the game.

Additionally, they must learn to overcome the lethal threats they will encounter in each world through trial and error, as even the smallest enemy can be dangerous.

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  • Four different worlds, each with its own traps, foes, and bosses packed into randomly generated maps;
  • Gameplay built around dodging and deflecting enemy projectiles, as well as striking at them with your arsenal;
  • A heavy-metal soundtrack to accompany your challenging adventure;
  • Grow stronger by advancing and slotting in mutations from a pool grown by acquiring experience, stacking your way to unpredictable and powerful builds;
  • Unlock new bioshells, each sporting a trademark weapon and even a unique way to deflect projectiles;
  • Fight your way through rank-and-file viruses and fight the Great Virus mid-bosses and the Apex Viruses at the end of each world;
  • Conquer the final boss to unlock challenging endgame content;
  • Challenge yourself with an endless survival mode and put your name on the global leaderboard!

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