Oct 21, 2021

Spire of Sorcery, the turn-based party RPG from the makers of Gremlins, Inc. enters Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

The anticipated turn-based party RPG Spire of Sorcery, by indie studio Charlie Oscar (creators of the acclaimed Gremlins, Inc.), is finally available in Steam Early Access on October 21st for €20/$20/¥2.000! One of the most-wishlisted games on Steam as of today, Spire of Sorcery releases in 7 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian and Simplified Chinese), with an ambitious development roadmap for the months to come. Check all the details about this Early Access release here.

In Spire of Sorcery, you control a party of runaway mages, set in a quest to help the sentient magical citadel mend the broken world of Rund. Explore the world, and use your spells, alchemy, and gear to engage with the realms of life, death, and chaos to help the sentient to confront your enemies and gather resources and knowledge to increase your power. Manage your party, taking their mood and personal traits into account; find new members and level them up to make your cabal more powerful. In combat, cast your spells using a unique deck-building system, and empower your mages with alchemic potions and special equipment. Spire of Sorcery mixes turn-based strategy, RPG, exploration and roguelite elements: the world of Rund is larger than what you can explore in a single play-through, and every challenge and situation you will find in the game has alternative solutions.

  • Explore the original world of Rund to discover creatures, resources and recipes
  • Cast spells, including combos, to affect opponents and trigger environmental effects
  • Concoct substances that range from curative to explosive
  • Prevail in encounters by combining the effects of spellscasting, alchemy & equipment
  • Manage your party, considering mood and personal traits of its members
  • Find new party members and increase their stats to reach their true potential
  • Taste any resource that you find to modify the looks of your party members
  • Collect resources to cook food that may taste great (or horrible)
  • Expand the Spire with new rooms that offer new mechanics
  • Break into ancient barrows, dispel cursed weepers & battle infection-ridden gigglers
  • Resolve mini-stories that pose moral choices, affecting the mood of your party

Get it on Steam in Early Access: