Oct 26, 2021

tinyBuild gives a November 18th release date to Undungeon, the action RPG coming to Steam, GOG, and Xbox One

From Press Release:

We, together with Laughing Machines, are thrilled to announce that Undungeon will launch next month on PC and Xbox, including Game Pass.

Undungeon is a science fiction role-playing adventure with exquisite pixel art visuals. Travel through space and time and make difficult choices in an attempt to reconstruct the Multiverse that is being shattered to pieces by a devastating cataclysm.


Colorful pixel art aesthetics

  • We have invested countless hours in drawing and animating environments and characters by hand;
Mind-bending science fiction story
  • Undungeon is set in Multiverse, where seven dimensions find themselves on the verge of virulent turmoil. You are Void: a messenger created by your dimension and sent to an ancient city of Archaban to collect six seals that belong to other worlds. As you travel through space and time, the Multiverse gets rocked by a devastating cataclysm of unknown nature, leaving you stranded in a barren alien land. Our game includes over 150 000 words of text and dialogue. Decisions you make during your journey can have enormous consequences on the ending;
Heated real-time combat
  • Loot organs from enemies or craft them from organic matter to give your body various powerful abilities. The Core is the main viral organ of your body you can enhance and customize, allowing for different builds: from recruiting companions to tank to applying DoT/critical damage;

Vast open world

  • Explore distant lands beyond belief and meet their exotic inhabitants—merchants and bandits going about their lives regardless of where you go. You can trade with locals, recruit them to help you in battles, or even destroy their camps.

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