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Nov 09, 2021

Faraday Protocol, the first-person electric puzzler receives “Quality of Life” Update for all platforms

From Press Release:

09.11.2021¬†– Publisher Deck 13, who last year released the globally acclaimed RPG blockbuster CrossCode, delivers another genre breakthrough with a redefined and enhanced first-person puzzler &¬†explorer¬†with a mysterious backdrop story to intrigue.¬†Faraday Protocol¬†is an experience that is not to be missed. – Out Now! (PS/XB/NSW¬†$24.99/‚ā¨24.99/¬£20.99 –¬†PC Steam¬†¬†$19.99/‚ā¨19.99/¬£15.99).

Emergence  / Evolution
After a low profile soft launch and focused feedback from the gaming community, a number of major updates have been initiated in Faraday Protocol. With its unique and challenging gameplay, which adds that extra spark to ensuring it shines brightly, this game reemerges  on Microsoft Xbox, Steam PC, Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 / 5 with a triumphant boost of creativity.

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Setting New Boundaries
This beautifully crafted first person puzzle journey conjures up intrigue, mystery, and a number of unsettling moments as you experience the atmospheric delights as an interstellar archaeologist who researches the abandoned space station OPIS and its enigmatic governing A.I. IRIS. Developed by the talented Italian developers, Red Koi Box, utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, they have crafted and designed methods unique to this game genre.

Brainy Stuff
All of the mechanics rotate around the Bia-Tool, an original object capable of absorbing and re-distributing specific types of energy. The simple mechanics  evolve over time and allow for increasingly complex and mind-bending puzzles.

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Breaking New Ground

‚ÄúFaraday Protocol moves from the traditional ways and follows rules and uses mechanics never used before, and will challenge the grey matter of the player to lateral and logical thinking. The unique puzzle elements combined with the linear game and story progression make this game enjoyable for almost everyone.‚ÄĚ,¬†Giacomo Sala, Red Koi Box.

The Story Unfolds and Scene setting – The Challenge
Set in a sterile and futuristic world, you are soon thrust into an organic forest-like environment after leaving your spacecraft. In this strange unnerving environment the player will see three Ziggurats (pyramid buildings) and will be led into one, where your intuitive powers of logic and expertise will start. The first building looks clean, sterile and in very good condition, with strong tones of black and gold. Here the player will learn the basic mechanics, and will experiment with them until he will reach the top of Ziqqurat One. Outside night has now come, and more, new mechanics will be introduced. The next building will be decaying, and will comprise a combination of all the player has previously learned. He will then face two other environments, with different tones and feels, which will bring him to the end of the game. Throughout the game, the storyline will progressively grow, as in the beginning it is limited to pre-recorded messages, it will unfold into full conversations with multiple choices.

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Features  РOutside The Box:

  • Multiple Solutions to succeed.
  • Hidden Collectables – Deviously Hidden
  • Immersive Soundtrack
  • Puzzle your way through a number of ‚ÄúEscape Room‚ÄĚ- like puzzle rooms
  • Absorb and redistribute energy using the Bia-Tool
  • Unravel the mysteries of the abandoned space station OPIS
  • A unique blend of retrofuturism

Faraday Protocol – Its Essence –¬†is a first person puzzler that will test your wits and intelligence. Use the Bia-Tool, an ancient pistol-like relic of an alien civilization, to solve puzzles by bending energy and manipulating enigmatic machinery. Explore the mysterious and abandoned space station OPIS and unravel the mysteries of its governing A.I. IRIS, which slumbers deep at the core of the station.

Adapting the Rules to Deliver an Ambient and Absorbing Experience For All