Nov 15, 2021

Shattle is a 25-person battle royale game set in Cold War-era Sweden

From Press Release:

Boden, Sweden – November 15th, 2021 – Sweden-based developers 5 Fortress have just debuted their PVP survival game Shattle, a 25 players closed combat survival game with a unique setting! It’s the year 1970 in Sweden, and the Cold War is upon us. None of the thousands of bomb shelters have been used, until now. You and 24 other players start in separate apartments as air-raid sirens go off. You don’t have much time so gather as many supplies and weapons wherever and however you can. What gear can you find? What supplies can you craft? Who can you trust?

“Our development process is based on constantly working with players who know this genre inside and out,” said Emil SandbergCEO at 5 Fortress. “This way, we are creating an experience that players not only want to play but at the same time immerse themselves in a foreign period and setting with the 70s and cold war Sweden. The atmosphere, level design and era-friendly equipment lead to a lot of chaos, which inevitably, leads to a lot of fun.”

Shattle will launch in early access early next year but you can already sign up for the Closed Pre-Alpha on the game’s Steam page:

Game Features:

  • Short 20-minute rounds: No more hiding or camping. You don’t have time for that. Survive to the end in any way you can. You have to think strategically, but you have to do it fast.
  • Close combat survival: Battle your way through everything from dense forests and bunkers to bomb shelters and underground tunnels as you get up close and personal with other players.
  • Destructible environments: As bombs fall, so does everything around you. So every time you leave your shelter, prepare for all-new surroundings.
  • Extensive weapons and armor: Loot, craft or upgrade, there are many ways to equip yourself for the fight ahead. And watch the skies! The Swedish Forces are known to drop some rare guns and armor via air supplies.
  • Points-based scoring: This isn’t your typical battle royale where you want to be the last one standing. Everyone’s goal is to make it to safety, but how you do it is up to you. Whether you want to shoot your way through or have a more tactical approach, everything counts towards your final score.
  • Bird’s View: Death isn’t the end of your journey. Come back as a dove and be the ultimate spotter for your team.

Shattle will be available in 2022 and you can already sign up for the playtest on the game’s Steam page: