Dec 08, 2021

Pants Quest, a point-and-click game where this guy is having “a day”, and can’t find his pants

From Press Release:

8th December, Melbourne, Australia – Indie studio Ghost Cat Games have released the first trailer for their debut title ‘Pants Quest’, which is slated for release early next year.

Pants Quest is a lovingly made point-and-click adventure about one man’s struggle to deal with the hurdles life throws at you before you’ve even found your pants. It’s nostalgic yet innovative, introspectively written, and crafted with a careful attention to detail. Also you’re in your underwear for, like, the whole game.

What forces brought this man’s life to a standstill? Will he ever make his way forward? Where are those damn pants? Find out all this and more in an adventure like no other: PANTS QUEST!


  • Intricate, detailed pixel art brings a rainy workday morning to life.

  • Solve retro style point-and-click puzzles on your quest to get out the house.

  • Offbeat humour and a touching emotional journey.

  • Feed your cat!

About Ghost Cat Games

Ghost Cat Games are a two person indie studio from Melbourne, Australia. Having met making Gameboy Advance and PS2 games for a studio back in the mid 2000’s, they recently returned to game dev, aiming to create small, cozy, lovingly crafted games that hit you right in the feels.