Dec 27, 2021

Ashes of Creation being converted to Unreal Engine 5, locations shown in new preview video

From Press Release:

Hello everyone,

We hope that this finds you well and safe after your holiday celebrations! Like you, the team at Intrepid Studios is looking forward to a glorious 2022 as we move closer and closer to the release of Ashes of Creation with each new milestone.

Before we signed out for our well-earned holiday break, we offered our amazing and dedicated community one more update to bring 2021 to a close. During our December Development Update, our team was on hand to share the latest news on the progress of creating Ashes of Creation.

Our most exciting and ambitious update for the month is that we are now developing on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) which offers our team more tools to develop at a faster pace and make Ashes of Creation even more spectacular than it already is. We’ll be sharing more information about how this transition transpired in a future collaboration with the glorious folks at Unreal.

This month’s Development Update also included:

  • A showcase of our performance progress with the conversion to UE5. Viewers were treated to viewing 1300 characters on-screen simultaneously wearing randomly generated armors, environmental elements, particle FX, and animations!
  • More glorious artwork from our environment and character art teams
  • As always, a Q&A session with our community to round out 2021

This is definitely something you’ll want to share with your audiences. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you in your coverage.

About Ashes of Creation
Set in a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years our players will rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover this uncharted realm. Our world is ever-changing with ruins, beasts, and cities that rise and fall. Weaved into a progressive character system where players hold all the power, the fates of creation are yours to command.

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