Jan 11, 2022

Trailer for Uragun shows the transformation its gone under during development

From Press Release:

Warsaw, 11.01.2022 – The independent studio Kool2Play has published a new video from the futuristic shooter Uragun – it shows the transformation that the game has undergone in the last two years. Uragun will soon debut in Early Access on Steam.

Uragun is an action-packed futuristic top-down shooter in which the player takes on the role of a friendly-but-deadly mech and then takes on hordes of AI robots. The player is granted access to rich weaponry, lots of useful modifications, and explosive skills. The game offers a large number of dynamic missions, and opponents can be destroyed in various ways by selecting the appropriate weapon sets (eg. shotgun and rocket launcher, or a futuristic boomerang). All the action happens in visually different locations (cyberpunk Hong Kong, hot and sandy Barcelona, or the frosty Canyon). Uragun will be released in March 2022 in Steam Early Access.

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