Feb 22, 2022

Kael Drakkel is a new Lore and Legend Server, out today for EverQuest II

From Press Release:

Today, Darkpaw Games launched EverQuest II: Kael Drakkel, the new Lore and Legend Server. This evergreen story-mode server will allow players to quest through the first seven expansions of EverQuest II, experiencing the world of Norrath with the appropriate skills and gear, while always being able to access all game content.

Open to all EverQuest II All Access members, players will start on Kael Drakkel at level 90 with a full set of gear, allowing both newcomers and veterans to play at their own pace. As adventurers travel throughout the world and visit past content, an auto-scaling system will ensure that players are at the appropriate level for the zone they’re in. With everyone matched to the same level no matter the content, it has never been easier for groups or solo players to embark on quests, raids, or to simply explore the awe-inspiring world of Norrath. This is the perfect server if you are a completionist.

Kael Drakkel, Lore and Legend Server key features include:

  • Start at Level 90: All characters start as Level 90 adventurers with a base set of gear and Adept spells. Players will be able to do all content up to  Destiny of Velious, including epic 1.0 quests. Gear can be upgraded through a mix of drops and crafting.

  • Alternate Advancement Points: Players will start with 300 alternate advancement points, which will be the expansion cap at the start of the server.

  • A New Leaderboard and Achievements: There are over 1800 achievements that can be obtained on the Kael Drakkel server. Each achievement will be worth a certain number of points based on the achievement category. The points that players earn are tallied to determine your place on the server-wide leaderboard. They are also used to earn currency that can be spent at a special achievements vendor.

  • Auto-Scaling: As players travel to other zones from their arrival spot in the Great Divide, they will automatically be scaled to a level appropriate for that zone. The system has been adjusted with special stat caps and the like so players will be at a skill and power level appropriate for the zone.

  • New Server Loot: There will be lots of loot and upgrades, even from lower-level content, including new armor and weapon appearances made exclusively for the Kael Drakkel server.

  • All Available Expansions: The server will include everything from launch to the Destiny of Velious expansion (Great Divide and Eastern Wastes).

For more information about EverQuest II, please visit: EverQuest 2

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