Mar 25, 2022

Legends of Kingdom Rush is moving towards a Steam release later this year

From Press Release:

Ironhide Game Studio is excited to announce that Legends of Kingdom Rush is coming to Steam later this year, and is available to add to your Steam Wishlist today. The latest in the Kingdom Rush series, Legends of Kingdom Rush is the first to feature tactical turn-based gameplay with roguelike elements.

Join the fight against an extraplanar menace that wants to take over the kingdom. Command your party and recruit the most powerful Legends of the Kingdom Rush saga. Choose your companions and forge your strategy with a highly engaging simple-to-learn combat system offering real strategic depth.

Over 100 narrative events will let players discover more about the rich Kingdom Rush universe as they fight their way through the game’s varied environments.


  • Unique turn-based combat, fight on a hex-based grid and move around the combat area to add a new dimension to the encounters.

  • 100+ narrative events while you fight your way through lush forests, rugged mountains, and devastated wastelands.

  • 6 Legendary Heroes, a holy paladin, dark assassin, an evil demon, voodoo witch, a forest defender, and an elven avenger will be awaiting your command.

  • 12 Companion Heroes, with different skills and powers, will not hesitate to fight by your side. Pierce your enemies with your Ranger, curse them with your sorceress, or even block killing blows with your Knight. Make your barbarian go berzerk, or create mayhem with your bombardier!

  • Highly replayable adventures for limitless fun! Fight your way through lush forests, rugged mountains, and devastated wastelands.

  • 80+ achievements for you to unlock.

  • Arena Mode: compete with your friends to reach the top of the leaderboard by defeating the daily challenge

Visit the official website here.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is also available on Apple Arcade:

Ironhide Game Studio is a 60+ person Uruguayan video game studio founded in 2010, that develops multiplatform games. In addition to the award-winning saga Kingdom Rush, played by millions worldwide, in 2017 they launched their second IP, Iron Marines. The company’s next adventure is Legends of Kingdom Rush.