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May 02, 2022

Tlön Industries releases Blue Mars DLC for terraforming sim Per Aspera today, and is anything but a pale blue dot

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM – May 2, 2022 Launching today (May 2) owners of Per Aspera, the Mars terraforming simulation, will be able to pick up a new DLC. The Blue Mars DLC by developers Tlön Industries and publisher Raw Fury, revolves around ocean gameplay. Water has always been a part of the Mars-colonization title, but Blue Mars adds far more ways to engage with it through the introduction of new buildings such as ports and water-based research outposts.

Blue Mars follows the recent free content update Green Mars which injected flora and fauna into the game, along with the option to play co-op. This DLC will be compatible with the preview content update, allowing players to work together to terraform Mars. Along with the addition of new achievements, Blue Mars will include:

  • New aquatic buildings like ports, shipyards, and fisheries
  • Research outposts for special underwater sites
  • An improved water cycle
  • Ships for water-based transportation

Blue Mars is available now on Steam and GOG for $5.99USD/€5.99/¥620.