Jun 01, 2022

Dungeon crawler and tactical RPG Stolen Realm receives Monk class today in new update today

From Press Release:

Heroes of the realm, a new companion joins your ranks: the mighty Monk! Indie studio Burst2Flame announces a major update for the turn-based tactical RPG and dungeon crawler looter Stolen Realm, which will feature a brand new character class: the Monk. Inspired by its fantasy archetype, the Monk is a powerful martial artist with the ability to move enemies around, pulling them and knocking them back with their special skills. This allows players to take control of the battlefield, using these new skills to reposition foes to their advantage. Thanks to their high mobility, they can charge across the battlefield and dash between enemies to help their companions wherever they are, creating havoc around the whole map.

The main role of the Monk is to support other characters’ special powers, complementing them with mighty tactical synergies. The Monk can, for example, kick an enemy into hazards like fire barrels to cause an explosion, pull enemies towards a Warrior’s Slam, or run to the aid of threatened allies by kicking an enemy away from them. The Monk also has high mobility, can dash between enemies, and gets passive bonuses that increase damage based on how far they’ve moved in the battlefield, rewarding a mobile, agile playstyle. This update also brings other content to the game, like two new enemy types (the Hand Clan and the Backguards, each with new bosses), and a lot of quality-of-life updates. You can read all the details about this update here.

As it happens with every character class in the game, Monks don’t force players to fully commit to them as a build – rather than that, you can take just some of the skills from their trees, creating unique multiclass hybrid characters. You can read all the details about the Monk character class in this dev diary.


  • Up to 6 player online co-op, allowing you and your friends to wreak havoc amongst your foes

  • A Simultaneous team turn system for faster paced combat, with “per-character” scaling, allowing you to adventure as a team as well as a party of 6

  • Over 240 skills in 8 distinct skill trees allowing for complete and flexible character customization

  • Easy navigation and targeting via a fixed camera in a hex based grid where positioning is key due to battle shrines with special effects, exploding barrels and movable crates

  • Over 500 different items to find in the world, with many featuring unique modifiers that completely change their usage and functionality

  • Explore to your heart’s content, and be rewarded for it – you and your party will always have something to do and look forward to

  • Pick your path between battles, choosing where to go between story events, resource gathering, shops, fights, and treasure rooms until you get to the final boss of each adventure

  • Adapt the game to your skills with 5 different difficulty levels, and choose between Normal Mode and Hardcore Mode with permadeath if you want a real challenge!


Stolen Realm is a mix of turn-based tactical RPG and dungeon crawler looter, where you lead a party of up to 6 heroes in single-player or online co-op adventures in a low-poly, high-fantasy world. Wield your weapon of choice, unique skills, and powerful magic as a fighter, thief, ranger or wizard – or create a completely custom character to fit your playstyle, increasing your stats and choosing skills as you level up and loot powerful gear in your adventures. Pick your path between battles, deciding between story events, resource gathering, shops, fights, and treasure rooms, until you get to the final boss of each individual adventure.

Maybe you prefer being a Shadow Knight, or a spell slinging assassin? With the game’s multiple systems and flexible customization options you can choose to invest into a single tree or pick and mix between the 8 skill trees to your heart’s content. Utilise a wide array of weaponry from mythical maces to cursed swords that grant you more power at the cost of your own lifeblood.

Decide your strategy considering all the tactical tools at your disposal. Take advantage of your powers and skillset to divide and smash your enemies with brute force, or perhaps sneak through enemy lines to deliver the fatal backstab as you take on your enemies. Put your strategic skills to the test in a fast-paced simultaneous team turn-based combat where every decision matters – either alone, or along with your friends in online co-op dungeon-crawling adventures!