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Aug 11, 2022

Sea Monsters come to Parkasaurus today, offering an aquatic-themed expansion to the dinosaur zoo management sim


From Press Release:

TORONTO, AUGUST 11TH, 2022 – Washbear Studio is proud to release Parkasaurus – Sea Monsters, the long-asked for water expansion today for $6.99USD. Parkasaurus – Sea Monsters is available today on Steam and the base game at a massive discount!


  • 10+ New Aquatic reptiles and fish from adorable to SCARY (in a cute way)
  • 3 New Missions focused on water exhibits
  • 3 New Biomes
  • 20+ New Exhibit Items and Hats!

About Parkasaurus
In Parkasaurus – Sea Monsters explore the world under the sea! Used fluid water physics to create awesome above ground and below ground sea monster exhibits for your guests. Explode your guests from cuteness with baby Archelon or terrify them with massive Megalodon.

Steam Store:

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