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Sep 01, 2022

Alliance of the Sacred Suns is a 4X meets Grand Strategy RPG, new deep dive update from the developers


From Press Release:

22 August, 2022 – Within an empire on the brink of collapse, you are humanity’s final hope for a bright future among the stars. How will you rule? KatHawk Studios and Hooded Horse offer players the interstellar throne in Alliance of the Sacred Suns. Blending 4X and grand strategy RPG, use your newly established role as ruler to unite the Noble Great Houses, expand your empire, and secure the future of your people. Taking the crown is now more refined than ever with the studio’s latest update.


The latest in-depth development deep-dive discusses a streamlined starter experience with an all new tutorial system. The revamped encyclopedia packed with everything the player needs to know is now accessible in-game. Additionally, the newly added ‘Quick Start’ sequence walks players through basics at their own pace. The sequence covers all concepts without interrupting the flow of gameplay.

What awaits players beyond the tutorial? The galaxy is at your disposal with enriched exploration, rewarding exploitation, and captivating strategy. Once a System is fully explored by one of your Admirals, it can be connected to the Empire’s LGN network and presented to the other Houses for auction. Houses partake in a three round bidding war to claim the System. Claiming systems revolve around power. Hold too much power, and you’ll negatively impact the relationship between yourself and other Houses. Pass on a System, and gain their favor. It pays to expand strategically, but don’t let the other houses gain too much power…

Once a system is claimed, it’s time for expansion and exploitation. A variety of outposts such as Military, Settlement, or Science posts can be built on the newly claimed planets. Intel gained from surface expeditions provide feedback on how well a particular outpost should do for the planet. Assign an Administrator, a brand new rank, to run the Outpost. Within a few turns, your empire will grow a little larger. Utilize Expansion Projects to level up the outposts. When a certain level is reached, a new colony is born! Expansions are now more methodical, creating a sense of reward when colonies are established.

This only scratches the surface for what this update offers when players are ready to sit upon the throne.

  • Streamlined Projects System, striking a balance between all gameplay types
  • Added missions to the Intel System
  • Rewritten Galaxy Generation System.  No-planet systems have been eliminated!
  • Milestones now provide more depth and greater reward
  • Rewritten UI engine which vastly improves performance
  • Fully functional Save/Load System

Key Features

  • As the Emperor you will interact with hundreds of others across the stars, but if you die, or are deposed, the game is over. Make decisions wisely or face the wrath of the galaxy as they try to take your throne.
  • Explore and scan new systems, colonize planets, establish outposts, build military forces and trade with other colonies to develop your Great House and its grip on the star system.
  • Manage other Houses and their specialties, taking advantage of their unique political strengths or balance their weaknesses to maximize their short and long-term value.
  • Action Points in Alliance of the Sacred Sun are finite and vary from turn to turn. You can do almost anything, but you can’t do everything. Plan your use and maximize their value.
  • Every action you take directly affects your relationships with others and how you’re perceived as a ruler. Whether executing those who challenge you, or providing a speech that pushes back against your rivals, every choice taken can have long-term consequences.
  • Build key alliances to allow characters and Houses with unique talents and traditions to develop your Empire exactly how you want it. After a strong economy? You’ll need proven miners from House Ilioaia. After military strength? You’ll need House X on your side.
  • Send Survey Expeditions to Systems and Planets of interest, then add them to the Empire through a unique Claim Auction system. Sell the System and the Planets within it to the highest bidding House  – including your own. Beware the backlash if you claim all the good stuff for your House!
  • Avoid micromanagement. In Alliance of the Sacred Suns you don’t create build queues, you create Projects. From colonizing a planet to throwing a celebration or upgrading a logistical region, you’ll assign an Administrator who gains power and influence from this post, and determines how smoothly your project will go! Assigning characters to Projects is a great way for them to earn power and influence…but take care that they do not gain too much, especially if they are from a House that hates you…
  • Alliance of the Sacred Suns offers significant mod support to allow players to change almost anything about the game world and its members. Don’t like the galaxy you play in? Change it up!

Ready to rule over your very own interstellar empire? Wishlist Alliance of the Sacred Suns on Steam and prepare to control the universe.