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Sep 12, 2022

Weeklong celebration of “Made in DACH” sale on GOG showcases the best games from Germany, Austria and Switzerland


From Press Release:

September 12th, 2022 – Games from the DACH region are perhaps not as well-known as those from other countries. Wie schade! That’s why we’ve decided to prepare a special selection of games that certainly deserve to be in the spotlight. It’s a perfect opportunity to discover games created or published in the heart of Europe, which brings you 500+ deals up to -90% discounts.

Let’s start with the new additions. Take the risk and become a Roadwarden, a brave stranger who guards travellers, supports merchants and repels attacks of mysterious and evil creatures. An illustrated text-based RPG that uses isometric pixel art and combines mechanics borrowed from RPGs, Visual Novels and adventure games is going live today with a -10% discount.

German speaking countries are known for paying much attention to quality. It applies to video games as well, that’s why we’ve prepared a handpicked selection of them, so you won’t lose your bearings:

  • “Weltschmerz” that include games with morally dubious choices (e.g. Ghost on the Shore, Black Mirror franchise, The Shattering);
  • “Reisefieber” for players seeking some adventure (e.g. Deponia franchise, BIOMUTANT, Growbot);
  • “Waldeinsamkeit” with exciting survival games and rogue-lites (e.g. Highrisers, Endzone – A World Apart, Alone in the Dark Trilogy);
  • “Schmetterling” which are really cute games (e.g. Dorfromantik, Luna: The Shadow Dust, LOST EMBER);
  • “Simulators” (e.g. Railway Empire, We Are Football, Smart City Plan);
  • Deep Stories Bundle by Application Systems Heidelberg including items: Unforeseen Incidents, The Longing, Lamplight City;
  • Dorfromantik Flash Deal with a -25% discount only for 48 hours.

THQ Nordic is known for splendid collections of the games and coming week is the perfect time to supply your inventory with plenty of hot deals from this publisher. Our “nordic” offerings include: Darksiders III (-75%), Desperados III (-70%), ELEX II (-33%), Risen 3: Titan Lords (-75%) and Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (-75%).

Finally, you should definitely take a look at titles that are coming soon on GOG. In The Plague Doctor of Wippra your job is to bring healing and relief to those who are affected by deadly plague. This is a lucky strike for point & click fans seeking adventure with a retro vibe, but that’s not the end of good news. PRIM is also coming soon on GOG! A 2D adventure game, containing art inspired by Tim Burton’s movies, seems like fun. We also have something special for players who sometimes do something just for the thrill of it. In Stay out of the House you have to escape from a cannibal serial killer. Definitely not a game for someone with a fear of blood!

Made in DACH Promo on GOG will last until September 19th, 2022, 10 PM UTC. Take a look around and get ready for a mysterious Abentuer.