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Sep 13, 2022

Nobody Saves the World expands in new Frozen Hearth DLC today with new Bee and Mechanic forms

From Press Release:

TORONTO, SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 – Get ready to brave the trials of The Tempering! Drinkbox Studios are happy to release today Nobody Saves the World – Frozen Hearth, a DLC expansion for their critically acclaimed Action RPG that includes the new Killer Bee & Mechanic forms, new unique challenges that will test players’ skills and creativity, and more. The DLC releases today for $4.99 USD on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, GoG, Windows 10 Store, Humble Store, and Steam. A bundle including both Nobody Saves the World and the Frozen Hearth DLC will also be available for $27.99 on consoles, and a Steam bundle also including the game’s OST will be available.

The Frozen Hearth DLC unearths a forgotten region deep underground where the strongest warriors compete for glory in The Tempering, a series of puzzles and challenges that will push players’ transformation skills and creativity. Pass the trials of the Tempering, and players will be rewarded with the new Killer Bee and Mechanic forms, which can be used both in the DLC and in the main game.

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Fans of Nobody Saves the World’s soundtrack can also make a wonderful physical edition of the game’s music a reality! Nobody Saves the World’s limited run 2x LP colored vinyl set for its complete soundtrack, with art from Drinkbox Art Director Augusto Quijano, is still available to support via its Bandcamp crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is set to end on September 22, and if successfully funded, should ship to order holders in early 2023.

About Nobody Saves the World
Transform from a featureless nobody into a SLUG, a GHOST, a DRAGON, and MORE in this new take on Action RPGs from the creators of Guacamelee!

Complete quests to discover and swap between 15+ varied and distinct Forms. Mix and match abilities in unexpected ways to unlock and complete even MORE challenging quests. Explore a vast overworld – on your own or with a friend – while clearing shape-shifting dungeons in an effort to stop The Calamity and SAVE THE WORLD!


  • Transform into MANY FORMS: Unlock 15+ distinct Forms, from Rat to Rogue to Robot, each with its own unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Mix & Match ABILITIES: Combine over 80 Form abilities to create powerful customized builds. Play as an Egg that can leave a trail of slime and shoot fireballs!!! We can’t stop you!
  • Unconventional QUESTS: Help the strange inhabitants of this world deal with their troubles. Each Form also has its own set of quests, which you can complete in creative ways.
  • Local & Online Co-op: Invite a friend to play through all, or part, of your adventure together!
  • Awesome Soundtrack: New original music by acclaimed composer Jim Guthrie.

For more information on Nobody Saves the World, visit Follow Drinkbox on TwitterFacebook, and TikTok.

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About Drinkbox Studios

Drinkbox Studios is an independent Toronto-based video game developer. Founded in 2008, Drinkbox is best known for the award winning Guacamelee! series, and 2016’s iPad Game of the Year Severed. Drinkbox Studios enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and cuddling in front of a warm fire. When playing Monopoly, Drinkbox usually wins first prize in a beauty contest.