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Oct 13, 2022

The Eternal Cylinder rolls onto Steam today alongside Anniversary Update for all platforms

From Press Release:

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands & SANTIAGO, Chile – Oct. 13, 2022 – Good Shepherd and ACE Team have released the award-winning, critically acclaimed The Eternal Cylinder today on Steam, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S. PlayStation®4 and Xbox One owners can upgrade to the next-generation versions of this completely original and surreal open-world survival adventure game for free on their respective consoles. Owners of The Eternal Cylinder on Epic Games Store will receive an identical update to the release on Steam.

Today also marks the roll out of The Eternal Cylinder’s free Anniversary Update on all platforms. The Anniversary Update introduces new in-game content, as well as a variety of technical enhancements for PC and next-generation console users.


  • New Creatures to Discover: Two new beings are roaming the world – approach at your own risk!
    • The Buddugh Gropp is a highly aggressive herbivore found in the tundra biome.
    • The Gharukuk is a large tripodal omnivore located in the desert.
  • New Mutation: Your Trebhum have developed a spicy new mutation that lets them shoot jets of fire from their trunks, a powerful defense against predators – especially those with fur!
  • New Graphics Options: The Eternal Cylinder has never looked so gorgeous! Become even more immersed in this wildly vivid world with the following upgrade options on select systems:
    • Steam|Epic Games Store: Enjoy full support for 4K resolution and ray tracing.
    • PlayStation 5: Choose between 4K or ray tracing modes, with support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on DualSense™ wireless controllers.
    • Xbox Series X: Choose between 4K or ray tracing modes (ray tracing unavailable on Xbox Series S).

About The Eternal Cylinder

The Eternal Cylinder takes place on an alien world teeming with surreal environments, exotic beings and awe-inspiring wonders, all threatened by The Cylinder: a gargantuan structure of ancient origin that relentlessly crushes everything in its path. You are but a tiny Trebhum – not the strongest or fastest creature, but born with the most powerful ability of all: adaptation. What you lack in size, you’ll need to make up for in resourcefulness and ingenuity – mutate and evolve your Trebhum family with new attributes and abilities to navigate hazardous obstacles and escape dangerous predators. Gather your herd and embark on the perilous journey to save your planet from The Eternal Cylinder.

Key Game Features

  • An Unforgettable Alien World… Explore a vast, open land with four unique biomes, each filled with extraordinary flora, bizarre fauna, and wondrous surprises and horrors at every turn.
  • …with Real-time Environmental Destruction: Each time The Cylinder roars to life, more of your beautiful planet is crushed under its weight, leaving nowhere to hide. Run for your life and watch out for new hazards created by the ancient destroyer to survive.
  • Build Your Own Alien Family: Choose from more than 50 mutations for each Trebhum, with special abilities like the power to fly, shoot tornadoes, grow spikes and more. Each mutation grants a unique appearance for your growing family of diverse companions.
  • Solve Ancient Mysteries: Unlock ancient knowledge from past generations of Trebhum in hidden sanctuaries protected by a variety of clever puzzles.
  • Beware The Cylinder’s Dark Servants: Be on guard for monstrous abominations created by The Cylinder to infest, consume and destroy every living thing on the planet.

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