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Oct 27, 2022

Citizen Sleeper’s second FREE DLC, Episode: REFUGE is available now on all platforms

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From Press Release:

October 27, 2022  – Today, Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age released Episode: REFUGE, the second free content update for the acclaimed narrative RPG, Citizen Sleeper. Episode: REFUGE brings the three-episode story expansion to its thrilling mid-way point.

A strange event sends ripples through Erlin’s Eye. You will enter the refugee flotilla that arrived during FLUX to understand this new threat, and help the refugees stabilize their community.

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In Episode: REFUGE, players will also meet Sol, captain of the Pilgrim Seed, the biggest ship in the flotilla that arrived in FLUX, and the refugees’ unofficial leader. Hailing from Ember’s Hearth, the largest moon of the gas giant Ember, Sol is a quiet pragmatist who is expected to shoulder some heavy responsibilities on behalf of the fractured flotilla.

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Aki is another new character who appears in Episode: REFUGE, a refugee from the moon Ember’s Step. Found among the strange, amber “dusthouses” of a massive ship, what can she reveal about the fall of Ember’s three moons?

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Episode: REFUGE is available for FREE across all platforms to anyone who owns or or has access to Citizen Sleeper. The content will be available in an automatic update.

Citizen Sleeper is also on sale now for 25% off – its highest discount to date – across Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, Epic, Humble, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One. Citizen Sleeper is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

The third and final Citizen Sleeper episode expansion will arrive in early 2023.

For more information about Citizen Sleeper or Episode: REFUGE, please visit the Jump Over The Age website or follow them and Fellow Traveller on Twitter. The game press kit can be found here.