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Nov 01, 2022

Against the Storm, the roguelike city builder leaves Early Access for full release onto PC via Steam and Epic Games Store today

From Press Release:

November 1, 2022 – Survival city builder Against the Storm – from Eremite Games and Hooded Horse – thunders into Steam Early Access today, challenging players to rebuild a fallen world in the face of never-ending storms and a Queen with low tolerance for failure. Lead an expedition to reclaim the wilderness, found new cities, and create a network of settlements as you exploit lost riches.

Available for £17.99 / 19,99€ / $19.99 / ¥ 2480, Against the Storm brings subtle blends of survival and roguelite mechanics to city-building games. You’re not just building one city, but several – a vast, prosperous network powered by diverse fantasy races, each with their own specialisations and needs. But the wilderness is full of danger – never-ending storms will batter your population into submission, and many glades within the woods hold hidden threats. And if nature doesn’t get you, the Queen may yet – her patience is thin and her demands are many. Fail to meet them, and your mission is over.

But even if you fall, the fight to rebuild civilization never ends, and no two sessions of Against the Storm are ever the same. Between cycles, the Blightstorm will reshape the wilderness, giving you near areas to explore. A tech tree and a meta-progression system tied to the Smouldering City will give you advantages through successive runs, and randomised building blueprints will mean the way your settlements develop will be different every time.

Key features

  • Resource management – gather resources to build up your city, as well as meeting the needs of your citizens and the Scorched Queen herself.
  • Multiple settlements – found multiple settlements via the world map, and set up trade routes between each city for further prosperity.
  • Five different biomes – There are five different biomes for you to explore and tame, from royal woodland to the swamp-filled marshes.
  • Diverse populations – a fantasy-fuelled roster of citizens that range from humans, to beavers, to harpies. Each type has their own specific needs – from basic to decadent – and specialise in different things. A good viceroy need not please everyone, and only the Queen’s (dis)pleasure really counts in the end.
  • Epic replayability – multiple biomes, a large tech-tree, and countless events and random boons mean that no game will ever play the same twice. Not only that, but the Blightstorm itself will ensure that you’ll face a new world map to exploit every cycle.

Eremite Games is committed to updating the game every two weeks during its early access run, which is expected to last around six months (subject to change). Make sure you keep an eye on the new development roadmap to see what’s coming. A press kit is also available here.