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Dec 13, 2022

Warstride Challenges receives live multiplayer in major Early Access update today

From Press Release:

PARIS  Dec. 13, 2022 — Warstride Challenges, the high-octane, high-speed FPS developed by Dream Powered Games and published by Focus Entertainment, just released a new major update full of content, adding a real-time multiplayer mode and additional features for the level editor.

A New Multiplayer Mode & More!

This new update introduces a live multiplayer mode for real-time speedruns for up to eight players, giving the Warstride community yet another opportunity to challenge each other as they compete simultaneously through cups, a playlist of levels.

Fresh Warstride experiences don’t stop there: players can now access an exciting new array of options brought to the level editor. An ever-improving feature of the game thanks to the community’s active feedback and creations, the level editor continues to extend its functionality with map curation and decorative objects.

An Early Access Full of Content

Previous Warstride updates have already added 60 levels, six bonus levels, and ten Big Fun levels including new powers such as the Stomp and Grappling Hook to kill your enemies with style. With all the improvements added to the level editor, players can also enjoy new levels and share their creations with the community. The devs are always working to continuously improve the game experience and integrate community feedback before the 1.0 release.

To celebrate the new update, Warstride Challenges is available now on Steam Early Access for 25% off for a limited time. Join today to enjoy the latest content and blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights across a series of increasingly intense trials!