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Dec 16, 2022

The “world’s smallest city-builder” in The Block releases onto PC via Steam today

From Press Release:

‘The Block’, a teeny tiny citybuilder from solo dev Paul Schnepf (The Ramp, Islanders) and indie publisher Future Friends Games (Exo One, Laysara) is OUT TODAY on PC via Steam

About the game:

‘The Block’ is the world’s smallest citybuilder – a bite-sized toy about city-building on a small scale. Rather than a sprawling metropolis, players create a single pretty city block. Parks! Towers! Houses! Plazas! Place randomly generated tiles on a grid and watch one corner of an unseen town come to life.

Pick from a variety of sizes, colours and environments, but don’t sweat too much over the details. Each level can be completed in a matter of minutes, while you let the chill vibes and beautiful colours wash over you. Just zoom in and zone out!

Game features: 

  • CHOOSE from a variety of levels and sizes!
  • CREATE a tiny city block from randomly generated tiles!
  • BASK in the glory of your adorable creation!

About HyperParadise: 

Hyperparadise is the alias of Berlin-based developer Paul Schnepf. Paul was previously part of the Grizzly Games team, helping to make beloved indie titles like Superflight and ISLANDERS. His breakout solo hit ‘The Ramp’ currently sits with over 800 ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews on Steam. His next project ‘The Block’ is out on PC today.

About Future Friends Games

Future Friends was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: help indie games get the love they deserve. Though initially focused on PR, the company has now branched out into publishing, with their debut titles Omno, Exo One and Festival Tycoon launching in 2021. Right now they’re working on mountain strategy game Laysara Summit Kingdom, narrative adventure Europa, and citybuilding toy The Block. Their motto is “We don’t know what business is and we don’t want to learn.”