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Dec 22, 2022

Psychological survival horror game DarKnot available for 35% Off during the Steam Winter Sale

From Press Release:

DarKnot, the third-person non-linear psychological survival horror now available in Early Access on Steam, is giving out a 35% discount from December 22 until January 5.

The world of DarKnot is not a place for weaklings, here death awaits at every turn. Here is an old-school, hardcore, tooth-crushing game that challenges the most sophisticated players!

Experience true survival by exploring the vast world of DarKnot. You can play as a warrior, explorer, survivor, or fugitive.

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Today DarKnot is undergoing some changes and bug fixes such as the fact that firearms no longer disappear after waking up, the indicators of the main character are now more simple, and the camera behavior has become more convenient.

In addition, the combat system has also been improved, the walking speed is higher, the network location has been filled with a New Year’s atmosphere, and hints now appear on the loading screen.

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