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Jan 31, 2023

Second Front is a deep and tactical World War II strategy game, out now for PC via Steam

From Press Release:

Second Front is a profoundly deep strategy game, born from the developers’ passion and experience with realistic and tabletop tactical board games.

Second Front delivers the tactical depth and breadth that genre enthusiasts have been dreaming of for years.

One of the standout features of Second Front is its authentic depiction of World War II tactics and strategy.
If you find yourself facing a heavily defended objective point, you can’t simply charge in with your infantry or vehicles. You’ll need to use tactics like suppressing the enemy with superior firepower, laying down smoke cover, or calling in artillery to keep the enemy’s heads down.
This adds an extra layer of realism and challenge to the game and ensures that every battle is a unique and engaging experience.

Every objective and challenge presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.
For example, if you need to take a bridge to advance in a scenario, you’ll need to carefully consider your options. Do you use your tanks and risk coming under fire from hidden anti-tank guns, or do you send in assault teams and flamethrowers to take out the pillboxes? The choice is yours but be prepared for a gritty and unforgiving World War II experience that will test your tactical skills to the limit.

Convoy ambush

Endless expansion and battles with the custom map and scenario editors.

Craft your own treacherous maps and scenarios in the integrated scenario and map editor. Then share with your allies on the steam community. Second Front is an infinite tactical sandbox experience.

Scenario editor

Formidable competitive AI that keeps you guessing

Second Front boasts a formidable AI opponent that will keep players on their toes. Built on emergent technology, the AI system is able to adapt to any player’s skill level and provide a challenging and unpredictable experience. With knowledge of frontlines and the ability to exploit player weaknesses, the AI provides a formidable opponent that won’t simply be cannon fodder on the battlefield.

Its objective-based approach means that it will carefully weigh the opportunity cost of advancing or defending, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

A strategy-like game that’s easy to play but brutal to master.

The clearly defined user interface, gameplay mechanics, and command structure make Second Front an attractive game for turn-based tactics enthusiasts, seasoned or newbies alike.


Second Front Key Features

  • Second Front features 48 epic scenarios set in iconic locations of World War II, including the Stalingrad Factory District, Borisov (USSR), and Korostychiv (UKR).
  • Craft your own treacherous maps and scenarios in the integrated scenario and map editor. Then share with your allies on the steam community. Second Front is an infinite tactical sandbox experience.
  • Command the battlefield with absolute precision and realism. Outmaneuver your opponent while compensating for realistic persistent loss, unit fatigue and other unforeseen battlefield considerations.
  • Choose to play as German, American or Russian forces, with unique leaders from each nation casting influence over the battlefield.
  • Over 40 infantry units to command, each with its own tactical function and strategic value.
  • Build a mechanized army from over 216 types of tanks, vehicles, mounted Anti-Tank guns and weaponry including MGs, Flamethrowers, Mortars, Panzerschrecks and Bazookas.
  • Competitive AI, built from emergent AI behaviour, provides a more challenging and adaptive opponent on the battlefield.
  • Easy-to-identify controls and mechanics make Second Front easy to play, while the in-depth strategic layers make it a challenge to master.
  • Play over a wide variety of terrain, with 30 terrain types, 148 types of destructible and flammable buildings, bridges and environment pieces.


US Army vehicles